Necklace length guide

Necklace chains come in a variety of sizes, some are standard some are personal preference. Wondering what chain length you might need? The pictures below will help! 

Simply Bo personallized chain necklace length size chart guide

To help you decide the right chain length, we tell you for whom which chain length is the best suited.

16" / 40 cm - This length is good for above the neckline length. It hangs at the collar bone.
18'' / 45 cm - Standard size chain, fits most people. Typically hangs right at the top of your sternum (most buyed).
20"- 22" / 50 - 55 cm - Standard size for ladies who prefer their jewelry slightly lower, fits all women. Typically hangs about 1'' below the top of the sternum but also a comfortable size for taller people.
24'' / 60 cm - This is a great length for larger pendants or pieces you want to wear on your torso without having the piece right on your chest.
30'' / 76 cm - For women who like longer chains, this length is nice for a variety of sized pendants. It often hangs front and center of your chest.

Please note that the chain length does not include the length of the pendant.