How to take any simple outfit to the next level instantly

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A simple outfit is never a bad thing. However, when you start to feel your minimalist look is lacking excitement, accessories will take your daily look to a whole new level.
Take an extra five minutes to add a bit of glitz to your everyday look by incorporating this season’s coolest shoes and bags, from belt bags to Feathered Shoes.
For those days when you want to amp up your outfit, here are current favorite accessories for the start of 2018 that never fail to elevate your look.

1. Belt Bags

Add a little downtown edge to your outfit by sporting a chic printed belt bag. It’s super fun and small, convenient and spacious enough for all your daily essentials.
You can try out different colors depending on your ensemble for the day.

2. Trendy Earrings

Trendy earrings instantly dress up any outfit and add a little personality. The abstract earrings are also perfect when you want to go more glam. Don’t forget to tuck your hair behind your ears so everyone gets to see!
Punch up your style with these stunning earrings!

3. Feather shoes

Never underestimate the power of feather shoes, it has the ability to revolutionize your entire outfit, and if you opt for something with a pop of color, it can also become the focal point of your look.

4. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are one of the key pieces that you may look to when you want to make a simple outfit look a little more interesting. Turn your simple ensemble into an elegant and classy one with just a touch of jewelry.
Give layering jewelry a shot with these trendy necklaces!

5. Socks + sandals

They add a little something extra to make your look pop. It enables you to wear sandals year around, and it looks really fan with a simple outfit like sweater and jeans. You can wear it everywhere from the office to a cocktail party.
It looks best when you use a platform sandals, or a sandal with a block-heel, it just looks a little bit more fresh and fun.

We hope you will try one of these five must-haves ahead next time you getting dressed :)